Behind The Label

We are moms and dads, almost professional meat smokers, music and movie aficionados, soccer enthusiasts, you get the point, we are more than just beer.

When we came across some audio equipment, we thought what better way to show what’s behind the Riverwalk label than creating a podcast right here in our brewhouse. Sure we talk shop and what it’s like to brew high-quality beers and run a community-focused taproom and brewery, but there’s a whole lot more to be uncovered and discovered, including an in-depth analysis of Boyz n the Hood.

Jun 20

Episode 3 – The end of extreme beer?

INTRODUCTION: Ben, Steve and Jamie kick off the the third episode of the podcast with updates about Steve's transportation situation as well as Jamie's experience leading the Slow Roll. Riverwalk released two new beers over the past week: Slow Roll is a light lager brewed with Cashmere hops, perfect for... read more →
Jun 07

Episode 2 – Slow Roll and Resilience

INTRODUCTION: Ben and Steve are joined by Jamie and Chuck, who get to tell their stories about what led them to the brewing world. We learn about how beer sales and distribution work and what the Slow Roll is all about! Ben has upgraded his wardrobe with a pair of... read more →
May 25

Episode 1 – Meaning and Adventure Pants

INTRODUCTION: Ben and Steve introduce themselves, talk about finding meaning in the brewing world and lay out some goals for the podcast and Riverwalk moving forward. As a community focused brewery, showing what goes on behind the label is our goal. NEWS: Ben is enjoying Adventure Pants (Belgian-Style Pale Ale)... read more →